I don’t know where this type of comparison phrase originated, or even why it has become so popular; but it certainly has. And you have heard it many times:

Breakfast is the new lunch.

YouTube is the new TV.

Sitting is the new smoking.

I’ve got a new one for you today. September is the new January. I heard this phrase from a member of my team who noted: “You should write a blog post about this.” I liked the idea, have been thinking about the concept, and here we are. While this idea didn’t originate with Adrienne (my Google search of the phrase found over 1.7 million results), I love the idea – and I think the idea can have great merit for us as leaders and those who care about growth, achievement, and success.

Here’s why.

September is a Starting Point

Think about it; September is a starting point. Most of us started school in September (that may be less true now; but even so, school is in session by September). It is the start of the football season. It is (almost) the start of the fall season. January is seen as a chance to set goals, make a fresh start and re-focus because it is literally the start of a new year on the calendar.

September is just as logical a starting point as January, isn’t it? So why not use now as a chance to reflect, refocus and rededicate yourself towards your goals?

The Calendar is Arbitrary Anyway

Why do we need to wait for January to do goal setting and planning? In the big picture, why does that matter?

Isn’t the best day, always today?

A colleague and upcoming guest on my podcast, Bryan Neale, calls this the Domino Effect: Nothing happens until the first domino falls.

You can take action starting anytime; as I write this it is almost September, so along with the other reasons I’m extolling the importance of September, why not start now?

Go ahead – push over the first Domino.

There’s Enough Time Left (To Reach Your Goals)

This is my favorite one; especially if you are still locked into the annual cycle for goal setting and achievement (and let’s face it, at least at work you likely are). On September 1 you still have 33% of the year left. So let’s say you started strong in January with your actions towards your goals, but for whatever reason your effort or focus have waned, or perhaps some obstacles have gotten in your way. Now you can finish strong – you still have one third of the year left! And if you haven’t gotten a good start – you can achieve an incredible amount in four months.

September can really be your new January.

The Big Excuses Are Now Over

If you live in the northern hemisphere, your summer vacation has passed. You have less time that you need to spend in the yard. The kids are back in school. Many of the big reasons (read: excuses) you haven’t been working on your goals are gone.

The days are getting shorter.

The vacations are in the scrapbooks.

Everyone is back to work.

September is the time that you can move forward faster, because your excuses are gone.

Why Not Be Different?

Have you ever noticed that most successful people are contrarians?

After all, if you do the same things as everyone else, you will get the same results they do. Thinking about September differently, is well, different! And taking action on that thought is one way start to get new and better results.

Plus, it’s kinda fun to have people wondering what you are up to, isn’t it?

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