A partnership between the city of Westfield and Westfield Washington Schools has reached a broadband deal with Indiana Fiber Network. The contract includes 10 years of technology, equipment and services valued at more than $5 million for the schools and city in exchange for more than 26 miles of fiber network throughout Westfield.

December 30, 2014

News Release

Westfield, Ind. — A partnership between the City and Westfield Washington Schools is paying off to the tune of over five million dollars thanks to an acquisition agreement.

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) has offered to provide the city and schools – doing business as WestfieldConnects – technology, equipment and services valued at $5,018,460.00 in exchange for a portion of the fiber network the two have built over the last six years. Westfield's fiber network is 26.4 miles throughout the city

“The WestfieldConnects project is just another example of what our community can achieve by thinking outside the box,” said Mayor Andy Cook. “By partnering with our school system, we have been able to create a community that can provide resources for businesses and residents alike.”

“This agreement is a 270 percent return on investment and gives the schools and city 10 years of free broadband service and free maintenance while also maintaining ownership of approximately 28 percent of the fiber strands,” said Westfield Washington Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Keen.

“Our long term relationship and focus will leverage the value of the network infrastructure for the city of Westfield, Westfield Washington Schools, and the local community,” said Kelly Dyer, IFN's president and CEO. “It will also encourage further economic development within the city and Hamilton County.”

The value breakdowns of the agreement include:

–Design, install and provide transport for a 10 GB Wide Area Network for both the schools and city (value $1,964,400)

–Provide 10 GB connect nodes at nine school facilities and five city facilities (value $1,996,060)

–Install new network equipment (value $ 173,000)

–Annual support of network equipment for 10 years for the school and city (value $ 45,000)

–The school system and city will receive free internet for 10 years (value $ 420,000)

–Internet transport for 10 years (value $ 420,000)

–Total value $5,018,460

Created by John Rogers, Executive Director for Westfield Connects, the enterprise was always designed to be an acquisition complementary to a regional telecommunications organization that would benefit the Westfield community.

“The partial transfer of the fiber plant provides the city and school with needed equipment and services in addition to the city, county, school and township retaining their connections,” Rogers said.

About IFN

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN) was formed in March of 2002, whose ownership is comprised by 20 local exchange telephone companies throughout the state. They offer data center, Internet backbone, and data transport services over state-of-the-art Ethernet, CDWM, DWDM, and SONET fiber networks, with service in the State of Indiana and throughout the US, via a network of national carrier partners.

For more information, please visit IFN's website at www.ifncom.net or call (317) 280-4636.

Source: The City of Westfield

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