The city of Westfield has taken another step in a plan that could attract a $40 million development. As part of the plan, council has approved $2.5 million to help with the relocation of the Westfield High School football stadium from where it is to downtown. That move would open up the property for potential private development.

EdgeRock Development LLC is looking to acquire the land and construct a mixed-use development that could include a hotel, as well as retail, medical office and entertainment space.

The new $7.5 million community stadium would be built adjacent to the high school. The planned “Junction” development would be located between the recently-opened Grand Park and downtown Westfield off of U.S. 31.

The school corporation has already launched a fundraising campaign to cover the cost not picked up by the sale of the land.

May 13, 2014

News Release

Westfield, IN- At last night's City Council meeting, the Council unanimously approved Resolution 14-112, an economic development partnership between the City of Westfield and Westfield-Washington Schools. This resolution is designed to facilitate economic growth, and provides that the City will contribute $2.5 Million to WWS in order to improve their athletic facilities.

Resolution 14-112 should not be confused with Ordinance 14-22 (the Junction PUD) which was introduced at the same meeting. While the projects are related, and reinforce one another, they are separate. Resolution 14-112 provides funding from the City for a new stadium in exchange for the school’s willingness to make land available for tax-generating redevelopment opportunities.

At the same Council meeting, Ordinance 14-22 (the Junction PUD) was introduced. The ordinance constitutes a request for a change in zoning of the land that is currently occupied by the schools. The new zoning district is called the Junction PUD. No action was taken by the Council, as this was only an introduction. A public hearing for Ordinance 14-22 is scheduled for the Advisory Plan Commission meeting on June 2, 2014. It could receive a recommendation from the Advisory Plan Commission by June 16th at the earliest, at which point it would return to the Council in late June or early July for adoption consideration.

Ordinance 14-22 consists of 14.1 acres of land, located at the northeast corner of State Road 32 and US 31. Some of the proposed uses for this area include a multi-story medical office building, a multi-story hotel, and connectivity that is friendly to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The Council is encouraging developers to consider high-end architecture, and also to adhere to a minimum of three-stories due to the expected elevation of US 31 at the intersection.

Randy Zentz of Westfield Community Investors, LLC made the presentation to the Council. Zentz has been working closely with both the City and the Downtown Westfield Association to ensure the proposal is consistent with the Grand Junction Master Plan and the Grand Junction Implementation Plan.

Sources: The Town of Westfield, Westfield Washington Schools

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