The Vigo County Capital Improvement board has undergone a reorganization. The Vigo County Commissioners have approved an ordinance that has established a new CIB, which includes four county appointments and three city appointments.

In a news release issued Wednesday, the commissioners said the new CIB replaces the one established in 2016 that included Indiana State University. However, the makeup of the board was changed after ISU dropped out of a project to build a new convention center in Terre Haute.

Three of the four county appointments are made by the Vigo County Commissioners with the fourth made by the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau. The three city appointments are made by Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett.

The new board members include:

• Judy Anderson, Vigo County Commissioner

• Brad Anderson, Vigo County Commissioner

• Jon Marvel, Vigo County Commissioner

• Barbara Lloyd, Owner of The Corner Grind and Crossroads Cafe in Terre Haute

• Duke Bennett, Mayor of Terre Haute

• Steve Witt, Executive Director of the Terre Haute Economic Development Corp.

• Greg Gibson, President of the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau

Commissioner Marvel was one of the mayoral appointments. Bennett said the intention was to keep Marvel active on the board after his time in office comes to an end.

"Recognizing the county would need to appoint a new member at the end of Commissioner Marvel’s time in office, I wanted to give him an opportunity to finish a project he began years ago," said Bennett. "I believe office holders share an affiliation of respect for one another, often in spite of party lines. Some days are shared in celebration, and some are spent battling what is right in front of us. Either way, we have an opportunity to lift one another up at times, and I would like to take this as one of those opportunities. I want to give Jon a chance to finish what he started."

The CIB will continue to meet on a monthly basis.

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