Two Indiana agricultural cooperatives have announced plans to merge. Avon-based Co-Alliance LLP and Harvest Land Cooperative, headquartered in Richmond, expect to close the deal in 2021.

The farmer-owned businesses specialize in agronomy, fuel, grain and animal feed.

“The expanded resources, more robust product line and extension of quality service will extend beyond what the two co-ops could offer individually. Together, we anticipate great success in cultivating opportunities for our members through this historic merger with the Co-Alliance team,” said Scott Logue, chief executive officer of Harvest Land.

Co-Alliance and Harvest Land previously partnered on United Agronomy Services LLP, an agronomy retailer in Summitville, Indiana.

Co-Alliance has been in expansion mode. In June, the co-op formed a joint venture with Crawfordsville based cooperative Ceres Solutions to acquire the assets of a Michigan agricultural retailer.

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