Top Story: South Shore Double Track Project

Mike Noland, President & General Manager, South Shore Line

We are on the road to northwest Indiana for our Engage Indiana series. We’ll talk impact and what’s next for two transformational projects now underway on the South Shore Line.

Renewable Energy’s Role in Northwest Indiana

Mike Hooper, President, NIPSCO

Northwest Indiana’s economy is still fueled by manufacturing, but it is diversifying. We’ll look at the region’s economy, including its emerging renewable energy sector.

Why Not Northwest Indiana?

Tom Dakich, Partner, YAB Development Partners

Carmel attorney Tom Dakich was born in Gary and asks the question, why not northwest Indiana? Hear why he thinks people should be stopping in northwest Indiana to spend their weekends and their money.

24th Annual Mira Awards

Ting Gootee, President & CEO, TechPoint

We will take you backstage at the 24th annual TechPoint Mira Awards and share some of the winners’ remarkable stories.

Trendiana: Eco-friendly Businesses

Brittany Smith, Director of Community Campaigns, Yelp

Indiana’s imprint on the environment…the connection between eco-friendly beer in Bloomington and fresh cuisine in Highland and other businesses keeping sustainability front and center 365 days a year.

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