Top Story: Reimagining the Riverfront in Evansville

Lloyd Winnecke, Evansville Mayor

We’re on the road this week in the heart of southwest Indiana checking on big projects, job growth and what’s next for the region. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke joins us with details on important downtown projects and an emerging vision for the Ohio River.

Toyota on a roll in Princeton

Greg Wathen, former regional economic development leader

Workers at Toyota’s massive Gibson County plant are playing a big role in putting more electric vehicles on the road. The plant is getting ready to launch Toyota and Lexus EV models after an $800 million investment. Former regional economic development chief Greg Wathen weighs in the impact for southwest Indiana.

Ohio River Crossing Project

Bob Koch, Chairman & CEO, Koch Enterprises

Construction on the Ohio River Crossing bridge has begun, with a target completion date of 2031. But community leaders like Bob Koch say it needs to be finished much sooner.

Toyota Indiana YMCA in Princeton

Johnathan Pope, President & CEO, YMCA of Southwestern Indiana

One of southwest Indiana’s biggest READI projects is a new YMCA in Princeton. Johnathan Pope has perspective on how the $21 million dollar project will pay dividends for the community and the region’s ability to attract talent.

Business of Health: Stone Family Center for Health Sciences

Dr. Steven Becker, Associate Dean & Director, IU School of Medicine Evansville

The push continues to make Evansville a national model for delivering mental health services for young people. We’ll have details on the impact of the Stone Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in downtown Evansville.

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Amy Barron, Chief Executive Officer, United Companies

We’ll explain how “E is for Everyone,” Evansville’s branding campaign, is focused on getting more people to live, work and play in the region. United Companies CEO Amy Barron says big projects are changing the vibe in Evansville.

Around INdiana: IU 2030 Plan

Pamela Whitten, President, Indiana University

Indiana University has unveiled a seven-year strategic plan. President Pamela Whitten talks about how the transformation of IUPUI to IU-Indianapolis will be a cornerstone of efforts to grow the state’s economy.

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