Top Story: Governor Holcomb Heads to Egypt 

Eric Holcomb, Indiana Governor 

From the sun’s rays… to the power of the wind… to using hydrogen to fuel big rigs… Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb weighs in on the state’s strategy to harness all that nature has to offer…and the potential economic impact. 

Governor Part II: Hydrogen Hubs 

Eric Holcomb, Indiana Governor 

In part two of our extended interview, Governor Holcomb discusses how companies like Cummins, Cleveland Cliffs and BP are part of the state’s efforts to land a high-profile hydrogen hub in northwest Indiana. 

Business of Health: Redwire on ISS 

Richard Boling, Vice President, Redwire 

A 3D bioprinter created in a small town in southern Indiana is set to blast off to the International Space Station. We’ll tell you how the team in Greenville is spearheading Redwire’s in-space manufacturing and operations business unit. 

Endangered INdiana: Stinesville Commercial Buildings 

Mary-Rachel Redman, Inside INdiana Business 

What the former center of Indiana’s limestone industry is doing to save its once-bustling downtown. Around INdiana Reporter Mary-Rachel Redman has more in this week’s Endangered INdiana.

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