Indianapolis-based education nonprofit The Mind Trust has awarded $1 million to the John Boner Neighborhood Centers. The gift will help fund the $36 million renovation of the P.R. Mallory Building to house Purdue Polytechnic High School and Paramount School of Excellence’s new campus, Paramount Englewood.

The Mind Trust’s award supports renovations that will make the historic factory the permanent home of two of Indianapolis’ top charter schools.

Chief Executive Officer Brandon Brown tells INside Indiana Business that it is one of the most exciting investments the organization has made because of the community support and ability to launch two schools at the same time after years of planning.  

The Indianapolis City-County Council approved the project’s financing Monday, culminating a three-year collaborative effort to redevelop the four-story, 120,000-square-foot complex. Brown says the investment sets a precedent for future projects and partnerships. 

 “This really sets a precedent on a couple fronts. One, is it kind of flips the script where we are coming in and we are supporting a community’s vision and that’s something I want to do more and more of here with Mind Trust. Secondly, the role that the city played is just absolutely phenomenal. And, I think, shows a great example of what can happen when the city nonprofit community leaders and high-performing schools  all come together. So, I really think that the city’s role is hugely important and really has some lessons for future projects as well.”

Both PPHS and Paramount Englewood plan to move into the P.R. Mallory Building in fall 2020.

Chief Executive Officer Brandon Brown says this is one of the most exciting investments the organization has made.