Bloomington coworking center The Mill has launched a new program to incentivize remote workers to move to the city.  The initiative, Bloomington Remote, offers free coworking membership and additional benefits to attract remote workers to the Monroe County community.

“Remote workers bring fresh talent and energy to our community,” said Pat East, executive director of The Mill. “The pandemic caused many people to rethink how and where they want to live.”

The Mill says participants will receive lifetime free coworking space at the renovated historic building. Applicants must live outside of Indiana, have full-time remote employment, and be willing to move within six months.

The Mill says there is a growing national trend to offer a variety of enticements to people, who work remotely, to relocate to other cities. Sometimes those incentives include cash.

“We’re looking for people who will be happy here. For them, Bloomington has that ‘just right’ Goldilocks factor,” said East. “The payoff is a very high quality of life and a community of smart, creative people.”

Learn more about Bloomington Remote by clicking here.

In May, the nonprofit group TechPoint awarded Bloomington with its Mira Award for Rising Tech City. The city says those accolades are worth marketing.

“Bloomington Remote builds on our city’s recognition as Indiana’s 2020 Rising Tech City. Bloomington is a place where diverse, tech-skilled people want to live and work,” said Mayor John Hamilton. “We are very excited to welcome remote workers into our thriving community.”

As a Mira Award winner, Bloomington was profiled on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick. Watch the video below: