The International Center’s Board of Directors has selected Martin Baier to succeed Diane Thomas as president and chief executive officer. Thomas, who has led organization for the past decade, announced plans to leave at the end of 2016 to prepare for a 27-month engagement with the Peace Corps in a role as an NGO advisor in Ukraine. Baier currently serves as the center’s vice president of programs and services. He joined the organization in his current position in 2011, after having most recently served as owner of All German Solutions LLC, a cross-cultural consulting company. A native of Germany, Baier amassed an impressive military career with the German Air Force, ultimately achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel. During his more than 20-year career with the German Air Force, he served in several key capacities, including Deputy Flight Commander in the training center, senior planning staff officer, and executive planning staff officer. He served as liaison officer to NATO forces in the International Combined Air Operations Center, as well as liaison to the U.S. Air Force on combined projects including the Holloman AFB Training Steering Committee, serving alongside representatives from the Pentagon and Air Combat Command. During his tenure in Indianapolis with The International Center, Baier has put his considerable project management and business development experience and acumen to use in growing the organization’s extensive offering of programs and services in the categories of Protocol, International Visitor Leadership Program (citizen diplomacy), International Relocation, and Global Competency Training. Baier earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Business and English at the University of Duisburg and Essen, Germany. He also achieved his Bachelor of Military Science followed by Master of Military Science.

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