The Pantheon in Vincennes will Monday hold a ribbon cutting for a new IT services company. The business incubator says RedAubsTechnology is the first startup to launch after utilizing the business resources and guidance it offers.

RedAubsTech was founded by Mike Folsom, a former Army National Guardsman who had worked as an IT consultant for other companies for years. He says while he has the expertise in IT, he had no idea how to start a business and The Pantheon was suggested by a friend.

“They have all the resources there,” Folsom said in a news release. “It allowed me to come up with a business plan that resulted in investors making my business possible.”

Folsom has based his company out of The Pantheon, a nearly century-old former theater, which was recently transformed into an innovation and entrepreneurial center. He says RedAubsTech provides a full range of IT services both for clients in the region and remotely to anyone around the world.

“Michael is the perfect example of a hard working entrepreneur, who possesses the technical skills and work ethic, and just needed help with business plan development and office space to transform his dream into a business,” said Nichole Like, chief executive officer of The Pantheon. “We are thrilled to see him launch RedAubs from The Pantheon and look forward to telling this story time and time again as we build a vibrant entrepreneurial system in our community.”

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