A new roundabout near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is now open to the public. The project is another step in a major redevelopment initiative surrounding the town of Speedway's Main Street district. November 14, 2014

News Release

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – State officials, Speedway Town Council members, community leaders and residents will gather Sunday afternoon to take part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony and community celebration to commemorate the completion of the Main Street roundabout opening for traffic at 5 a.m. Monday.

Vintage cars, IndyCars and local 18-wheel haulers will take the first turns on the new roundabout.

“The Main Street roundabout project has been in the works for years, eight years to be exact,” said Gary Raikes, president of the Speedway Town Council. “This is far more than just a ribbon-cutting commemorating our latest project. It is a long-anticipated celebration of progress for the Town of Speedway and its residents.”

The Main Street roundabout project represents the Speedway Redevelopment Commission's next step in the town’s multimillion-dollar redevelopment of Main Street and the 400 acres south of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The project, headed by the SRC, went through numerous studies and public input meetings before becoming a reality.

“The roundabout is one of the largest in the state,” said Vince Noblet, Commission president. “It has 10-foot wide sidewalks for pedestrian use and is also designed to accommodate a third lane for additional traffic in the future.”

Roundabout construction began less than three months ago as part of a collaborative effort involving the Town of Speedway, the Commission, City of Indianapolis, State of Indiana, Federal Highway Administration and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, after traffic assessments of the area concluded the intersection to be dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles. The roundabout solves the need for safety and enhances traffic flow and security in the area.

“It's wonderful to see the Main Street roundabout project completed,” said J. Douglas Boles, Indianapolis Motor Speedway president. “The roundabout will directly connect the Town of Speedway to Crawfordsville Road which will support the continued economic growth of Main Street and it will also provide a much more noticeable gateway to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

About Speedway Redevelopment Commission

The SRC consists of five volunteers appointed by the Speedway Town Council. Using input from the entire community, the commission is charged with developing a plan to revitalize a 700-acre area, including Speedway’s Main Street and the large area to the northwest termed Area 2. More information about the SRC is available at www.speedwayindiana.com.

Source: The Speedway Redevelopment Commission

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