Standard and Poor’s reaffirmed Indiana’s AAA credit rating in a report released Thursday. Indiana has held the highest possible rating with all three credit agencies since April 2010.

The report says the rating reflects the state’s commitment to strengthening its budget. Indiana also has a AAA rating with Moody’s and Fitch Ratings.

"Our record of passing honestly balanced budgets, maintaining sufficient reserves while cutting taxes for working Hoosiers and employers has once again been affirmed as the way to grow a more prosperous Indiana," said Governor Mike Pence. "In just the last few years, our state has added nearly 140,000 new jobs; our labor force participation rates continue to outpace national averages; and, more Hoosiers are working than ever before. Rest assured that this administration will continue to advance policies that demonstrate responsible fiscal leadership and make appropriate investments in areas like workforce, education and infrastructure."

You can read the full report below: