An annual tourist event that draws thousands to Jackson County is being postponed. In a statement, National Maple Syrup Festival executives say they plan to return in 2015. The festival committee wants to relaunch the event to include multiple communities that would be a short drive from a primary “hub” of activities. January 14, 2014

Statement From The National Maple Syrup Festival

“The festival committee's vision to grow into a multi-community event has come to fruition. We have decided to take a one year hiatus to plan, organize & implement this vision. We’re planning to implement a “Hub” & “Spoke” model of this National event. This will include a Hub of core events in one location with multiple spokes to several regional Maple Farms within a short drive from the festival Hub. We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 National Maple Syrup Festival here in Indiana!”

Source: The National Maple Syrup Festival

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