The South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership is launching a belonging survey it says will reveal insights from residents. The survey will touch on residents’ experiences, perspectives on representation in leadership positions and needs from the community related to a feeling of belonging.

The partnership says the survey may be completed by any resident in Elkhart, Marshall, or St. Joseph County. Respondents can also enter to win a $250 gift card.

According to the partnership, the goals of the survey are listed below:

  1. Establish a baseline to give an accurate perception of the current state of inclusion and belonging within the South Bend – Elkhart region.
  2. Find opportunities for improvement by leveraging powerful analytics to see where regional citizens are having different experiences and the areas where we can have the greatest impact.
  3. Drive data-based change in the region. With the insights we glean from the survey, we will provide recommendations and programming to regional employers and community leaders that is reflective of what we learn through the respondents.

The survey is being administered by the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership as a result of the Regional Economic Development Strategy’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The survey is aimed at capturing key concepts related to belonging and income trends analyzed across several variables and is being done in partnership with market research firm Vennli.


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The survey is open March 22 through April 16. You can connect to the survey by clicking here.

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