As part of an ongoing effort to attract more high-tech startups, the city of South Bend is moving forward on plans for a new $6 million multi-tenant facility at its technology park. The building at Ignition Park could be complete next year and is designed for small to medium-sized companies. October 10, 2013

News Release

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Department of Community Investment made a formal recommendation to the redevelopment commission for the construction of a multi-tenant facility at Ignition Park, South Bend's state-certified technology park. The building will house small- to medium-sized high-tech companies, several of which are currently in the advanced stages of incubation at Notre Dame's Innovation Park. Great Lakes Capital has been recommended to build, manage, and own the multi-tenant facility.

“It's a great opportunity to invest in South Bend's future,” says Brad Toothaker, CEO of Bradley Company, which will partner with Great Lakes Capital on the project. “We're thrilled to contribute to this emerging high-tech industrial park and provide space to recruit additional businesses.”

The 43,000 square-foot single-story structure, to be built in 2014, will mostly house high-tech startups. Companies will include F Cubed, a local startup that has received national media attention for its innovative line of advanced diagnostic tools. “Working at Ignition Park will foster an environment of innovation and retention of high-caliber employees,” says Les Ivie, CEO of F Cubed. “We're honored to be included.”

Ignition Park has completed the first phase of its infrastructure. Data Realty, a Tier III data center, is up and running in a new $15 million building.

“We're pleased that Ignition Park continues to grow,” says Rich Carlton, President of Data Realty. “It's wonderful to be a part of a center focused on high-tech research, design, and innovation.” Plans are underway at Ignition Park, made up 140 acres of city-owned land on the grounds of the former Studebaker plant, for more than three million square feet of space for high-tech businesses.

“We've been tapping into the Studebaker corridor's location and power capacity to turn former industrial land into a base for technology firms,” says Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “The City has worked hard to enhance Ignition Park’s infrastructure and it’s gratifying to see the growth.”

Source: The City of South Bend

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