The six finalists for this year’s Stellar Communities Designation Program have been announced. The selected cities and towns will present new or updated strategic investment plans to a team of leaders from state-connected agencies who will help choose two winners that will be named later this summer. Recipients will be eligible to more direct access to funding and state resources.

The program works with selected cities and towns to support what the state calls "transformative quality of place community improvements."

Two winners, one from a community of 6,000-50,000 residents called Division I and one from a community of 5,999 or less called Division II, will prepare for upcoming site visits.

Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch says "we have seen such transformation throughout the previous cities and towns who have received the Stellar Communities Designation and recognize the hard work, collaboration, and dedication it takes from the local team to work alongside our state agencies committed to making a true impact throughout smaller communities across Indiana. I congratulate this year’s six finalists for taking the fundamental first steps or in some cases, after reevaluating previous efforts, heeding advice to identify quality of place projects in line with their local visions for the future. We look forward to receiving the strategic investment plans from each of the finalist communities to see what state and local collaborations might be possible to take our hometowns to the next level."

The 2017 Stellar finalists are:

Division 1

  • City of Greensburg (Decatur County)
  • City of Madison (Jefferson County)
  • City of Vincennes (Knox County)

Division 2

  • Town of Churubusco (Whitley County)
  • Town of Culver (Marshall County)
  • City of Union City (Randolph County)

Finalists receive a grant from the state for strategic investment plans. Last year’s winners were the cities of Corydon and Rushville. You can connect to more about the program and previous winners by clicking here.