Terre Haute-based RJL Solutions has announced staffing and leadership moves as well as the expansion of its Indianapolis office. The advocacy and communications company has grown from just one full time employee to ten full-time employees in three years.

RJL Solutions has promoted former Director of Strategic Communications Betsy Peperak to chief financial officer.

“This position will not just be managing finances, but will contribute to the strategic growth of RJL solutions as we expand to other markets across the state of Indiana – using data to make decisions,” said Rachel Leslie, RJL’s chief executive officer. “Betsy has the perfect balance of analytical and big picture thinking that we need in this position.”

Having grown the staff, RJL has also expanded its office space in Terre Haute. Earlier this year, the company also opened its Indianapolis location with plans to continue to add staff and broaden its statewide reach.

The firm offers advocacy, community development, grant writing, and marketing services.

“We have grown quickly yet intentionally since opening three years ago. We have created a pattern of constant planning, implementing, and reevaluating to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve,” said Leslie. “We consistently think very deliberately about our services, desired markets, and most importantly, our employees and empowering them to lead and grow alongside RJL Solutions.”

The company has also named Shelby Gifford as senior director of strategic communications, Anna Madden as director of strategic communications for the Indianapolis location, and McKenzi Kumpf as community development specialist.

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