Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz says the department of education is reconsidering the A-F school accountability system. The move comes amid accusations levied against predecessor Tony Bennett, who put the grading system in place. Our partners at WTHR report internal emails suggest Bennett discussed boosting an Indianapolis charter school's grades. The emails were first made public in an investigation led by the Associated Press.

July 30, 2013

Statement of Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz on Associated Press Report

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – In response to yesterday's report by the Associated Press, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction issued the following statement:

“As the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, I am committed to strengthening our school accountability system. However, accountability only works when the people making decisions are both fair and transparent. That is why I worked with the General Assembly to include language in a new state law that will allow us to create a stronger accountability system.

“Last year, A-F grades were delayed multiple times. I heard concerns from Hoosier educators about problems with the state's grading system. In my first public testimony as Superintendent, I spoke about the problems in our accountability system. Yesterday's report by the Associated Press demonstrates the seriousness of these problems.

“The Department of Education is doing two things: First, there is an ongoing thorough examination of the current A-F model calculations to ensure that every school has the grade they earned in 2012; nothing more, nothing less. Second, Indiana is creating a new accountability system that will be both fair and transparent based on individual student academic performance and growth. This ensures that all Hoosiers can know exactly how their school is truly performing and what they need to do to improve. I look forward to the State Board of Education's support as we improve our accountability system.”

Source: The Indiana Department of Education

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