An annual report from the Virginia-based American Legislative Exchange Council ranks Indiana’s economic outlook among the best in the country. The Rich States, Poor States index ranks Indiana third on the list, behind only Utah and Idaho.

The report ranks states based on 15 variables, such as highest marginal personal income tax rate, property tax burden and worker’s compensation costs.

The report focuses on the economic competitiveness of states. Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-88) says the high placement in the report "is the result of years of strong pro-growth policies and structurally balanced budgets."

The economic outlook ranking is a forward-looking forecast based on Indiana’s standing in the 15 variables measured. Indiana has ranked in the top 10 since 2014 and was ranked 24th in 2012.

The report also looks back to measure states’ performances to-date with its economic performance ranking. Indiana comes in at number 30 in this year’s list, which three variables, including cumulative GDP growth (2006-2016), cumulative domestic migration (2007-2016) and non-farm employment growth (2006-2016).

You can learn more about the Rich States, Poor States ranking by clicking here.

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