A report detailing the salaries of the presidents of private colleges ranks one Indiana school in the top 100 in the nation. The Chronicle of Higher Education says University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins was the highest paid in Indiana based on 2012 numbers. You can find more information on the salaries and see the full report by clicking here.

University Presidents and Total Compensation, 2012

University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins: $830,119 (54th)

Butler University President James Danko: $490,267 (167th)

DePauw University President Brian Casey: $487,972 (169th)

Valparaiso University President Mark Heckler: $394,817 (240th)

Earlham College President John David Dawson: $356,260 (280th)

University of Evansville President Tom Kazee: $335,958 (305th)

Hanover College President Sue DeWine: $311,198 (332nd)

Indiana Wesleyan University President Henry Smith: $302,929: (343rd)

Franklin College President Jim Moseley: $299,774 (349th)

Manchester University President Jo Young Switzer: $295,091 (355th)

Saint Mary's College President Carol Ann Mooney: $280,650 (374th)

Wabash College President Patrick White: $265,392 (392nd)

Taylor University President Eugene Habecker: $246,619 (407th)

University of Indianapolis President Beverly Pitts (partial year): $216,715 (434th)

University of Indianapolis President Robert Manuel: $173,945 (457th)

Goshen College President James Brenneman: $160,992 (465th)

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

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