Richmond-based Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services has broken ground on a $10 million project in Greenville, Ohio. The medical center will house specialty services including cardiology and orthopedics.

March 28, 2014

News Release

Richmond, Ind. — A groundbreaking ceremony Friday, March 28, marked the official construction launch of the $10 million Reid Medical Office Building on Meeker/Jackson and Katzenberger roads in Greenville, a 34,000 square foot complex that will house Bethel Cardiology, Reid Orthopedics and other specialties offered to Darke County residents by the Reid health system.

“Reid and Reid physicians have provided specialty services in Greenville for decades,” said Craig Kinyon, Reid President/CEO. He noted that cardiology, orthopedics and other specialties have been long offered by Reid or by physicians who are now part of Reid’s growing team. “This new location will provide expanded space and bring our physicians under one roof in a convenient location for our patients in the Greenville and the Darke County area. This is a natural progression for us and a physical sign of our commitment to Darke County.”

Besides cardiology services featuring longtime Greenville cardiologist Dr. Henry Chong and other specialists from the Reid Heart & Vascular Center, the new building will also be home to Reid Orthopedics physicians, and Reid ENT (ear. nose and throat) specialty practice. Kinyon said other specialties, such as psych services, will also be housed on the new campus.

“We are working with our partners at Family Health and Wayne HealthCare to compliment the great care they provide,” Kinyon said. “We are here to be a good neighbor that allows patients to remain in their community when they can, and when they have to go out of town for services, make it possible for them to make the short drive to Richmond for state-of-the-art, nationally recognized patient-centered care.”

Dr. Chong, who has been in the Greenville community for 18 years, said he joined Reid’s team two years ago because he found the mission-drive culture of the health system a great fit for his personal style of practice. “My coworkers at Reid are all about providing expert care with a personal and compassionate touch that is so often lost in larger cities,” he said. “And when my patients need care outside of our community, they find Richmond a much closer and more convenient location without the hassles of larger cities.”

Dr. David Jetmore, Reid ENT, said his practice appreciates the Greenville community. “I have always enjoyed working at Wayne HealthCare and treating patients in Darke County. This is an exciting opportunity.”

The Greenville facility will be housed on 10.1 acres of land and will use local contracting expertise as much as possible. The building includes a shelled area of 6500 square feet for future expansion needs.

“We welcome our friends from Reid to our community,” said Sharon Deschambeau, president of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce. “Our area is a great place to live, work and do business. We appreciate Reid’s willingness to invest in our great community with this project.”

The Reid specialists already providing care to Greenville area residents who will be housed in the new facility include:

• Bethel Cardiology/Dr. Chong and other specialists from Reid’s Heart & Vascular Center.

• Reid Orthopedic Center specialists

• Reid ENT

• Reid psych services

• Neurology

• Rheumatology

Other specialties are also being considered to be offered in the new complex, such as vascular and endocrinology.

Construction is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2015.

Source: Reid Hospital

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