Indianapolis-based Meticulous Design + Architecture has unveiled its vision for a new 102,000-square-foot facility for RecycleForce. The architecture firm recently shared its design for the building, which would convert former RCA property on the east side of Indianapolis into the nonprofit’s headquarters and recycling center.

RecycleForce works with formerly incarcerated individuals to provide job training, reduce recidivism and improve the environment through electronics recycling.

During the 1950s the RCA plant on Sherman Drive employed more than 8,000 Hoosiers who manufactured televisions and other electronic equipment.  The plant closed in 1995 and the vacant plant was demolished in 2017.

MDA says the new plant will include 22,000 square feet of office space, a 5,000 square foot loading dock, a 13,000 square foot shredder room, 7,400 square feet for disassembly and a 57,000-square foot area to house recycled materials.

Groundbreaking is set to take place this summer with completion of the new plant in 2022.