Purdue University has reached a deal with Xerox Corp. (NYSE: XRX) to take over on-campus printing services. All 16 employees affected by the move will work for Xerox beginning next month. Last April, the school announced a major reorganization of the department, which resulted in 30 layoffs. January 30, 2014

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue has entered an agreement with Xerox for on-campus print management with the goal to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance services for the campus community. The operational changeover will occur Monday (Feb. 3).

All 16 Purdue employees affected by the transition have accepted on-campus positions with Xerox. On-campus locations will continue to be at 698 Ahlers Drive on the south end of campus and in Purdue Memorial Union (BoilerCopyMaker).

“This move follows a strategic analysis and campus-wide review of our Printing Services operations,” said Rob Wynkoop, managing director in the Office of the Executive Vice President for Business and Finance, Treasurer. “As you know, operating expenses have outpaced revenue for several years. The review determined that advancements in both technologies and service delivery models would allow for enhanced support to the university community.”

Wynkoop said the agreement will mean an average of 10 percent to 15 percent less than previous pricing for printing services. Already, it has resulted in cost savings for a couple of much-requested items. An order of five 50-sheet notepads now will cost $35. Previous quotes for the same job were $134. In addition, customers who have requested printing services calendars now have those available — printed with 2014 on one side and 2015 on the other.

The job submission process will remain the same until integration with the Xerox managed print solution is completed over the next few months. Continue to request printing services jobs by calling 49-42006 or going to www.purdue.edu/printingservices/.

Additional information will be provided as Xerox assesses current operations and begins to shift workloads, update service offerings and address the job submission processes.

Additional information will be provided via Purdue Today and direct communication from the Purdue Print Center.

For answers to some frequently asked questions, go to www.purdue.edu/newsroom/purduetoday/releases/2014/Q1/purdue-print-center-faq.html.

Source: Purdue University

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