Natalie Dudareva, a Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry at Purdue University, has received the 2018 Herbert Newby McCoy Award. It is given out every year by the university to honor outstanding research work in natural sciences.

Dudareva selected for her leadership on the biochemistry of scents that flowers use to attract pollinators. She also has been producing research that brings into question the conventions of her field. Dudareva has spent the past 20 years at Purdue furthering human understanding of plant biology and pollination through biochemical, genetic and molecular research.  Her colleagues have called her work in recent years “truly groundbreaking.”

Every year, the McCoy Award recipient receives a $4,000 cash prize and a $7,000 research grant. Dudareva will speak on October 29th at Purdue University’s Stewart Center for the annual McCoy Distinguished Lecture.

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