Purdue University is partnering with Indianapolis-based Herff Jones Inc. to outfit graduates in environmentally-friendly graduation gowns. The company says the robes are made with a fiber created from recycled plastic bottles.

August 1, 2013

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Herff Jones further expands eco-offerings with the unveiling of EarthGrad, the first ever rental commencement gown made entirely from REPREVE recycled fiber.

REPREVE is created from recycled plastic bottles and made by Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI), a leading producer of sustainable textiles. As part of the all-new, exclusive CustomRental program piloted with Purdue

University, approximately 600 graduates will walk across the stage in EarthGrad rental gowns, upcycling 44,400 bottles from landfills through the university’s Summer 2013 Commencement alone.

Thanks to REPREVE, each EarthGrad gown contains 74 recycled plastic bottles. The University also announced EarthGrad as the official commencement regalia for Winter 2013 and Spring 2014, which

means by Summer 2014, upwards of 7,600 Purdue scholars will graduate in the eco-friendly rental gowns, resulting in the recycle of more than 562,400 plastic bottles.

“The inclusion of EarthGrad gowns in the CustomRental program allows Purdue to set the stage for green commencements as the first ever university to graduate in eco-friendly rental regalia made solely with

REPREVE recycled fibers,” said Christine DeHahn Pass, assistant registrar of Purdue University. “As a university, Purdue is proud to help raise awareness around the importance recycling with our scholars as

they transition into the workplace.”

In addition to being made entirely from recycled materials, EarthGrad gowns are also part of Herff Jones' CustomRental program. With CustomRental, each gown will be returned after graduation and made

available for rental by future Purdue commencements, further increasing the eco-conscious impact.

“Herff Jones is excited to pilot the all-new REPREVE-based EarthGrad gowns and CustomRental program with Purdue University,” said Patrick Cavazos, Purdue sales representative for Herff Jones. “As Herff

Jones continues to evolve our commitment to sustainability, it is important for our company to offer new and exciting sustainable solutions for our customers.”

Herff Jones also makes class rings, yearbooks, diplomas and educational resources with environmentally friendly materials like recycled gold and FCS certified wood. For more information on Herff Jones' Environmental Commitment, please visit www.herffjonesbetterworld.com.


Herff Jones works closely with customers to create a climate of achievement through graduation products, class rings

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recognition tools. The company provides guidance, support and quality products to elementary and middle schools,

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Source: Herff Jones Inc.

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