Indianapolis-based Powderkeg has unveiled the winners of its 2022 Unvalley Awards. The tech networking platform says the awards “recognize the best startups and tech companies to work for in emerging tech communities beyond Silicon Valley.”

The awards are split into 12 categories and companies were able to submit data through their profile on Powderkeg. The data includes company size, perks and benefits, funding, industry, and employee testimonials.

Powderkeg says the awards come as the demand for tech talent continues to increase, particularly in the midst of what is being called “The Great Resignation.” A growing number of tech talent is also prioritizing remote work flexibility, according to the company.

“The shift to remote work and global reassessment of values presents a massive opportunity for both tech workers and employers beyond Silicon Valley,” Matt Hunckler, chief executive officer of Powderkeg. “These companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to collaborating remotely, and they already have the values people are now giving more weight when deciding where they want to work.”

The top 100 tech employers and startups were ranked in the following categories:

You can connect to more about the Unvalley Awards by clicking here.