AgReliant Genetics CEO Paul Nselel discusses innovation with AgriNovus Indiana CEO Mitch Frazier.

Farmers make decisions every day and while variables change year in and year out, one thing remains constant: it all starts with seed. In this week’s Agbioscience podcast presented by AgriNovus Indiana, AgReliant Genetics Chief Executive Officer Paul Nselel explains the Westfield-based company’s focus on genetics and seed production.

“We are seed and seed only. What it means is that we have a number of research folks throughout the organization, dozens and dozens of Ph.Ds. that are waking up every morning thinking about innovation relative to genetics,” Nselel said to podcast host and AgriNovus CEO Mitch Frazier.

Nselel says AgReliant is one of only four major seed companies in the U.S. that has its own breeding program. He says the innovation and genetic diversity developed by the company brings specific solutions to farmers.

“The way I characterize farmers is, really, a group of folks who are both very fond of innovation, but at the same time very traditionalist. And the way we reconcile that is we use all the greatest techniques of innovation as we think about seeds to bring that innovation to the farm,” said Nselel.

Nselel took the helm of the company in July 2020. Nselel began his career in the agriculture industry with Monsanto where he held several positions in both Eastern Europe and North America.

But he also worked in the banking industry, having worked for several years for Lehman Brothers in New York. Even spent time with sportswear maker, Nike. Learn about the career path by listening to the Agbioscience podcast when it comes out Monday morning.

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