Sylvia Harris is a senior at Huntington University, studying agricultural business management and marketing. She is a farm kid from Tipton who is serving as a Field Atlas Ambassador and she is the guest this week on Ag+Bio+Science podcast presented by AgriNovus Indiana.

“I have been exposed to the ag industry since I was born,” said Harris. “I never really went through that period of like, ‘what do you want to do with your life?’  I always knew this is where I’m supposed to be.”

This semester Harris is serving as a Field Atlas Ambassador for AgriNovus Indiana, which is a career exploration platform to help guide high school and college students towards a possible career in the agbioscience industry.

“When I saw this opportunity, I was like, ‘this fits me to a tee.’ I want to educate people on what there is to offer here [in the ag industry],” Harris told Ag+Bio+Science podcast and Inside INdiana Business host Gerry Dick.

She chose Huntington University because of its size, about 1,300 students, and proximity to home. But Harris also appreciates the emphasis the school is putting towards modern agriculture. The school in Huntington County is trying raise its profile as a leader in ag education.

“The program here at Huntington, we’ve got a new animal science building, which is drawing a lot of tension to the university. it’s been awesome to see students come visit it,” said Harris.

She says students and others may think they know what modern agriculture is about, but it is so much bigger and diverse. Which makes her job as a Field Atlas Ambassador so important.

“Even myself, growing up in the industry, I didn’t even realize the opportunities that are available. And now when I talk to students, I’m realizing even more that there is a gap. I am so happy that I’m able to try to fill in that gap each and every day with Field Atlas.”

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