The co-founder and chief executive officer of animal health startup Verility Inc. says the technology her company is advancing could help increase protein production for a growing global population. Liane Hart says the company develops and markets a rapid, low-cost assessment of livestock semen and ovulation samples called Fertile-Eyez.

Verility uses artificial intelligence to see if livestock are ready for breeding. It is a process often conducted manually, increasing subjective analysis and errors in the results.

“We want to disrupt and optimize this industry with our fertility proprietary platform,” Hart said to Ag+Bio+Science Podcast podcast and Inside INdiana Business host Gerry Dick. “Using proprietary algorithms, advanced consumer electronics and micro fluidics. It’s like having a lab technician and a digital microscope in the palm of your hand.”

Conception rate is highly correlated with producer profitability and food sustainability. “I believe we can provide more edible meat protein into the food supply based on interventions prior to conception with fertilize while using the existing breeding population,” said Hart.

Hart says she worked for Greenfield-based Elanco Animal Health for 17 years. Most of her career she has focused on genetics and animal reproduction. She also is involved in the thoroughbred racing industry where genetics can lead to success on the track. Hart says the risk associated with investments in horse genetics runs parallel to risks associated with entrepreneurship.

“Obviously, I’m used to taking those types of risk and putting my money down on different animals and seeing what that impact is. But you need to answer this question because it affects the decisions throughout that your startup journey, and potential exits that could come your way,” said Hart.

As she left the corporate world to enter the unknown of starting her own business, Hart says an entrepreneur must answer a lot of questions internally.

“I think you’ve got to understand your why. Why you would want to be an entrepreneur. Is it the ability to potentially have financial freedom? To help your industry and want to see that improvement? Is it ego? You know, just the fact that you want to be a startup? Are you in it for the long haul? Or do you just love the game of entrepreneurship,” questioned Hart.

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