(image courtesy of LifeOmic)

Indianapolis-based health tech company LifeOmic is partnering with Preventia Group, a virtual medicine marketplace, to provide Butler University’s students with new mental health resources. LifeOmic says the partnership will connect students with therapists and coaches through LIFE Extend, its holistic health and wellness app.

The company says the partnership with Preventia’s provider network will allow students access to online mental health specialists.

“Student well-being is a top priority at Butler University, and we continue to make investments to help our students cope with the stress and pressures that often accompany college life,” said Frank Ross, vice president of student affairs at Butler University. “Adding a teletherapy service to the array of on-campus counseling services and other resources already available to support students’ mental health underscores our commitment to student well-being.”

The company points to data that indicates increased mental health issues among college students stemming from the pandemic.

“College campuses are tight-knit micro-communities with their own unique cultures, needs and challenges. We put our heads together with some of the brightest minds in Indiana to help the students who are suffering from a higher prevalence of mental health issues,” said Brian Schroeder, founder and chief executive officer of Preventia. “We created a solution that uses our holistic approach to well-being and allows us to wrap our arms around everyone on campus while also addressing the needs of the individual.”

LifeOmic says its HIPAA-compliant Precision Health Cloud platform will securely store student information.