Officials in Indianapolis will Wednesday make an announcement regarding the future of the 9/11 Memorial in the city’s downtown. The announcement will involve a fundraising campaign supporting an expansion and the long-term maintenance of the memorial.

Specific details of the plan will be revealed during a news conference Wednesday, however officials say the funds raised through the campaign will solely come from private donations. The expansion project is expected to be complete by September 11, 2021.

The memorial, located at 421 West Ohio Street in downtown Indy, was dedicated on September 11, 2011. It includes two beams from the World Trade Center in New York City with a life-size sculpture of an American Bald Eagle perched atop one of them. 

The announcement will include Brigadier General J. Stewart Goodwin (Ret.), executive director of the Indiana War Memorials Commission. He will be joined by a group of local citizens who have worked to create and maintain the memorial.