Jeffrey Thibert has been appointed the Paul and Maureen Stefanick director of the Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement at the University of Note Dame. A concurrent assistant professional specialist in the College of Arts & Letters, he had served as acting director of the center since January. Thibert previously served as assistant director of national fellowships, interim director and associate director.

A member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors, he worked as a fellowship advisor at the University of Arizona Honors College in Tucson for two years before coming to Notre Dame in 2013.

Thibert holds a bachelor of science in cognitive science from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh; a master of arts in religious studies from the University of South Florida; and a PhD in educational policy studies with a specialization in religious educational policy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Named for Dan and Patricia Flatley, the Flatley Center promotes the intellectual development of undergraduate students through scholarly engagement, research, creative endeavors and the pursuit of fellowships.

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