The city of Elwood has a new mayor. Don Tucker has taken on the position after a caucus of Republican committee members voted him in Monday night. He succeeds Ron Arnold, who resigned from office amid a campaign finance controversy. March 10, 2015

News Release

ELWOOD, Ind. – Elwood Mayor Don Tucker released a statement today after his election to the position of Mayor of Elwood by a Republican Caucus.

According to Tucker, “I want to thank all of my family, friends, and supporters today as we take this important step towards turning the corner and begin the healing process for all of the residents of Elwood.”

A 25 year veteran of the Elwood Police Department, Tucker will reach out to the community in an effort to put the negative issues of the past few years behind the community. According to Tucker, “being a police officer, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people and I'm confident I can reach out and pull the community together.”

Tucker went on to say, “I know I can't do it alone and the City Council, Community and City Employees will all have to work together to move Elwood forward in a positive direction.”

A major success of the previous administration has been in the area of Economic and Redevelopment as several new employers have locates to the community. According to Tucker, “I know as Mayor a major focus has to be the continued efforts to being new jobs and businesses to the community and that will be a top area of focus for my administration.”

Source: The Office of Elwood Mayor Don Tucker

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