A bassoon reed company has won Butler University's Real Business Experience competition. Indianapolis-based Zotec Partners helped organize the event, designed to give students the opportunity to develop, run and grow a real business.

April 20, 2015

News Release

Indianapolis, Ind. — Zotec Partners (Zotec), a national firm providing revenue cycle and practice management services to hospital-based physicians, was pleased to sponsor its fifth semester of the Real Business Experience (RBE) at Butler University's College of Business.

The RBE competition creates an opportunity for college students to learn to develop, grow and run a real business. This semester's RBE was comprised of five teams, and Zotec specifically looked for teams that demonstrated outstanding presentation skills, business process management, sales and marketing success, growth and partnering, use of technology and social responsibility. As the sponsor of the competition, Zotec is proud to announce the first, second and third place winners from this semester:

–First place: Butler University Bassoon Reed Co.

This team did an outstanding job presenting their challenges and milestones in a very concise and professional presentation. They also were able to maintain a competitive price strategy and establish employee production measures that increased efficiency and ensured their products' quality control was superior.

–Second place: Freedom of Peach BBQ

This team bought a business, rebranded their product and really took a good look at the marketing and determined how to take sales to the next level. They worked nationally with grocery chain Fresh Thyme to gain local placement at three locations in Indianapolis.

–Third place: i + Care (hunger)

This team showed that passion, persistence and people can allow you to make a profit and a difference, and they utilized feedback to pivot and change marketing direction to create greater interest and connection to product and the cause.

Zotec's Founder and CEO, T. Scott Law says of the program, “The RBE at Butler University's College of Business is a fantastic learning opportunity for each student that is involved. We are very proud of each team this semester and the individual contributions and accomplishments of the students.” He adds, “The top three teams demonstrated to us how they really leveraged the five “Ps” that comprise Zotec's mission statement: Passion, Perspective, Persistence, Predictability and People.

Everyone at Zotec would like to congratulate each team that participated, with wishes of continued success in the future.”

About Zotec Partners

Founded in 1998 by CEO T. Scott Law, Zotec Partners is the Indianapolis-based industry leader in specialized medical billing and practice management services for the hospital-based specialty market. Zotec Partners is committed to the continual pursuit of excellence in the physician revenue cycle and practice management industry by delivering effective solutions through its innovative software, personalized service and measurable client results. Currently, the company serves more than 8,000 physicians in all 50 states. For more information about Zotec Partners, visit http://www.zotecpartners.com.

Source: Zotec Partners

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