(photo courtesy of Small Engine Warehouse)

A small business in Muncie has completed the installation of a new solar field. Small Engine Warehouse, a small gasoline engines and outdoor power equipment parts dealer, says the project will offset electrical costs for daily operations.

The company says the original idea was to find an alternate source of energy for its facility during power outages. Instead, the company went with a system designed to not only save money, but decrease its overall carbon footprint.

The more than 275-megawatt solar field features 23 ground-mount solar arrays totaling 644 solar panels.

“We have invested in a 30-year solution in a renewable energy for a reasonable cost, with low maintenance and a good warranty to back it up,” Vance said in a news release. “The solar field is reliable, creates zero pollution, offsets our energy costs, and we still consider the land used as ‘green’ space. It has changed that neglected land with no purpose to a clean area that harvests the sun’s energy and benefits our community.”

Small Engine Warehouse partnered with SolarCam, headquartered in Fulton County, to build the solar field. The company did not specify how much it invested in the project.