Dr. Sean Huddleston

The Martin University Board of Trustees has announced a 10-year contract extension for President Sean Huddleston. He has held the role since March 2019 and is the fifth president in the university’s history.

Board of Trustees Chair Joseph Perkins says the board unanimously approved the extension.

“Since his arrival, Dr. Huddleston has delivered on, and exceeded, the Board’s expectations against a challenging set of metrics. He has a solid focus on the educational outcomes of Martin’s students, while demonstrating fiscal responsibility, strategic thinking, academic acumen, and improvements to the day-to-day operations of the university. There is a renewed level of energy on campus, and a renewed focus on Martin University as the focal point for important community initiatives.”

Independent Colleges of Indiana President and Chief Executive Officer David Wantz says transformative presidents come at the right moment for some schools.

“Dr. Huddleston is transforming the school and also influencing the way his colleagues across the state are thinking about diversity, equity and inclusion through education. They are relying on him to help them make the path wider to a better life. As the president of the state’s only Predominantly Black Institution, Dr. Huddleston is leading us all by example.”

Huddleston previously served as the inaugural vice president and chief equity & inclusion officer for the University of Indianapolis and held similar roles at Framingham State University and Grand Valley State University.