Two Indianapolis-based universities are reporting record numbers as the 2016-2017 academic year kicks off. Marian University says it will have the highest total enrollment and the largest freshman class in history, while Butler University is also welcoming its largest freshman class.

Marian says it will have 383 first-time, full-time freshmen this year, which is a 26 percent increase over last year and a 19 percent increase over the previous record set in 2008. Total enrollment is expected to be more than 3,000 students, up from its previous record of 2,900 which was set last year.

The university says the total enrollment numbers were bolstered by three new Bachelor of Science degree programs. President Daniel Elsener said, "We’re most excited about our enrollment growth because of the impact it will have on our communities, which have a tremendous need for transformational leaders in business, health care, education, STEM fields, public service and ministry. Marian University’s increased enrollment means that we can play a greater role, and have a more immediate impact, in filling those gaps in leadership."

Butler University says its new record first-year class consists of 1,272 students, 13.5 percent of which are multicultural and 2.4 percent of which are international. The university says applications rose 30.2 percent compared to last year, with nearly 13,000 prospective students applying.