For the past 18 months, your leaders and their teams have been using a “heads down,” tactical approach to getting today’s work done and done well. Now, whether back in the office or in a hybrid work environment, your people must start to flex their “mental muscles” to once again become the strategic powerhouse needed to surpass your competition. What tool is needed to realign your leaders, people, processes, and purpose to meet your customers’ evolving needs?

Every organization needs a new strategic plan, supported by operating and communications plans to bring it to reality. Last year’s strategic plan did not anticipate the changes that our world has experienced, so your new strategic plan may need to be built on a redefined mission, vision, and values.

To determine whether your organization needs a new strategic plan, consider the following questions:

  1. Are our leaders too tactical and challenged to create long-term plans?
  2. Have we lost direction due to the uncertainty of the past year?
  3. Are our leaders overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure of what to do and how to do it?
  4. Are the leadership team and most employees focused on a shared vision?
  5. Are we getting the results and outcomes we need?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, a new strategic plan will ignite passion in your people and galvanize your leaders to come together toward common goals.

The planning process can be as simple as creating a new path to achieve the desired business impact and outcomes. Evaluate your internal leadership team and resources to determine who has the skills to facilitate much-needed strategic and high-impact conversations. Start fresh yet, with clarity, by having your leadership team and board members be fearless and ask the tough questions.

This process is not a one-day “event” and “poof!” you have a detailed plan. True strategic planning takes time, attention, and expertise—but it does not have to be overwhelming. If you do not have the right in-house facilitator, consider engaging an external consultant who will enable your leaders to develop an energizing vision of the future and a plan to get your organization on track for a financially successful 2022.  

To navigate the unchartered waters ahead, you need a guide who is not distracted by your organization’s day-to-day matters–a professional resource focused on helping your leaders find new ways for your organization to be productive and successful.

Nothing will return to the way it was—but failure is not an option. Your existing strategic plan is out of date and incomplete. You need to chart a new future direction. With assistance, a redefined vision will emerge, and your organization will be on the way to a successful future.  

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