A Purdue University-affiliated life science diagnostics company that focuses on the detection and preemption of debilitating diseases has been named to the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School’s Most Fundable Companies list. Amplified Science competed against 3,300 early-stage U.S. companies to earn the recognition.

This is the second straight year a Purdue startup was named to the prestigious business school list. Last year, Adranos, which developed solid rocket fuel for long-range missiles and space systems, was named.

Pepperdine says companies that qualify for the list are “worthy of serious investor consideration.”

Purdue says the technology developed by Amplified Sciences helps provide early detection of diseases, allowing health providers the ability to treat patients earlier with better outcomes.

“Recognition by the prestigious Pepperdine ranking as an investable startup helps improve our funding prospects and brings us one step closer to our first commercially available test,” said Diana Caldwell, chief executive officer of Amplified Sciences. “The Most Fundable Companies initiative was a rigorous process providing us with a data-driven analysis and roadmap for private investment. We are excited that the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is focused on supporting startups and giving entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their business and set them up for success with investors.”

Placement on the list involves the evaluation of each company’s competitive advantage, expertise of the management team, financial projections, among other criteria.

The complete list of companies is available by clicking here, where visitors can vote for their three favorites through November 1.

The Amplified Sciences team includes Daniel Sheik, director of research and technology, Chief Scientific Officer V. Jo Davisson, Chief Executive Officer Diana Caldwell, and Rajesh Ummadisetti, senior scientist.