A unit of Indianapolis-based LDI Ltd. LLC has acquired U.S. World Wide Logistics Inc. in Kentucky. LDI says its OIA Global division will operate the domestic and international freight, warehousing and distribution services company. October 1, 2013

News Release

INDIANAPOLIS — LDI Ltd., LLC today announced the acquisition of U.S. World Wide Logistics, Inc. (USSWL), a Kentucky-based provider of domestic and international freight forwarding, and warehousing and distribution services by its operating company, OIA Global.

“OIA continues to grow by expanding its network and providing customers top service that combines global logistics, packaging and material sourcing solutions,” said J.A. Lacy, President and CEO of LDI, Ltd. “OIA completed two acquisitions during the month of September, adding tremendous value to our company as well as customers and suppliers.”

The full press release from OIA announcing the acquisition follows and is available at: http://www.ldiltd.com/pdfs/USWWL_Acquisition_Release_FIN.pdf

About LDI, Ltd.

LDI, Ltd. is a closely held, value-added holding company based in Indianapolis. Originally founded in 1912 to manufacture corrugated boxes, LDI has since acquired and developed interests in distribution, manufacturing and logistics businesses. Current holdings include Tucker Rocky, a distributor and designer of premier power sport parts, accessories and apparel brands, and OIA Global, a third-party logistics provider delivering clients a unique combination of global logistics, supply chain management and creative packaging solutions.Source: LDI Inc.

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