Indiana Tech says a gift from a Fort Wayne law firm has created a scholarship prize at its law school. Dean Peter Alexander says the funding from Shambaugh, Kast, Beck and Williams LLP will reward students who finish their second year at the top of the class.

April 2, 2014

News Release

Fort Wayne, Ind. — Indiana Tech Law School announced today that the Fort Wayne law firm of Shambaugh, Kast, Beck and Williams, LLP has created a scholarship prize at the school. The firm’s $25,000 gift is the first endowed scholarship created by a local law firm. Muncie attorney, Eric C. Welch, endowed the first scholarship for the law school in 2013.

Dean Peter Alexander said the funds will be used to recognize student excellence.

“We will use the funds to create a prize for the law student who finishes his or her second year ranked first in the class,” Alexander explained. “Contributions that help us reduce the cost of a student’s education can be a powerful incentive for students to work hard and succeed.”

The law school is currently working with another group of donors to endow a scholarship for the student who finishes the first year as the number one student. The dean added, “We are fortunate that there are several groups who want to support the law school and we appreciate all of their gifts.”

The prize will be named for Michael Kast, one of the firm's founding partners who passed away in 2013. Shambaugh Kast partner Ed Beck said that the decision to endow a scholarship at the law school was an easy call.

“As a firm, we wanted to honor the memory of our partner, mentor, and friend, Mike Kast,” Beck said. “We could think of no better way than to support the fine work of Indiana Tech Law School and to provide financial assistance to students who, through hard work, diligence, and passion for the law, achieve distinction of being first in their class.”

Beck also believes that the scholarship is the perfect way to honor his late business partner. “Mike was a terrific lawyer who understood the hard work and passion required to succeed in the practice of law. He encouraged and took great pleasure in the success of young lawyers. I know Mike would be very proud to have his name associated with this scholarship.”

Indiana Tech President Arthur Snyder praised Shambaugh, Kast, Beck and Williams for its partnership.

“We have appreciated the warm welcome for our law school throughout the community, and Shambaugh Kast has demonstrated their support for our law students,” Snyder said. “We have excellent law firms in Fort Wayne, and the synergy between the practicing attorneys and our faculty, staff, and students will benefit our citizens for years to come.”

Alexander is honored that Shambaugh, Kast, Beck and Williams has confidence enough in the law school to establish an endowment to support its efforts. He believes that the gift is just the beginning of many more to follow. “We are in conversation with other law firms in town, and I expect that others will follow the lead of Shambaugh Kast. That will be great for our students.”

The law school opened its doors with only first-year students in August 2013. It will not have second-year students until the next academic year, so the Michael Kast Prize will not be awarded until after class rank is calculated for the spring 2014 semester.

Source: Indiana Tech

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