(photo courtesy of Jet Access Aviation)

Hancock County-based Jet Access Flight Training is launching a Pilot Development Program that it says will help offset the growing pilot shortage. Jet Access says it will sponsor the first certificate of flight training for 22 students who join its Advanced Commercial Track program at Columbus Municipal Airport.

Jet Access says it has invested almost $400,000 for the program, which it hopes will encourage residents of Columbus and Bartholomew counties to pursue a career in aviation.

“Most of our flight training campuses in Indiana are located near Indianapolis and the surrounding counties where potential students are more likely to be exposed to career opportunities in private aviation,” said John Mauch, executive vice president of flight training operations at Jet Access. “After the initial launch in Columbus, we are planning to explore opportunities to expand the program to additional locations.”

Jet Access says graduates will get preferential hiring for its flight instructor positions, as well as eligibility for the Jet Access Aviation Career Corporate Pilot Flowthrough Program, which provides instructional training and employment, career guidance and mentorships.

“Our flight training model focuses on providing a foundation for the next generation of pilots to pursue a career in aviation of their choosing – whether it’s in charter, flight training, corporate, or airlines,” said Mauch. “The student funding program will provide the opportunity for 22 students in Central Indiana to enroll in Jet Access’ accelerated program at a fraction of the cost. This will give them a head start in their career, whether it’s with our company or somewhere else. We believe in earning our employees’ commitment and providing them with the choice of career path that’s best for them and their families.”

To be eligible for the Pilot Development Program, Jet Access says participants must apply and be accepted into the advanced commercial track program by June 30.

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