A Jeffersonville-based industrial manufacturer is adding to its portfolio with a new software subsidiary. Heumann Environmental Co. LLC, which produces reverse flow cyclones used to separate particles from gas streams, has launched Heumann Software Co. and its first software platform that allows customers to design their own cyclones.

Cyclones, according to HEC, are used in a variety of industrial and energy generation processes, including ethanol production, petroleum refining, and plastics production. The company says the High Efficiency Cyclone Calculator, or HECyclone, provides users with precise cyclone performance modeling, allowing them to customize cyclones for their specific needs.

“This software puts the power to design, validate and build cyclones literally at the user’s fingertips,” said Bill Heumann, president of Heumann Software Company. “In addition to the added flexibility, there’s no limitation on the number of cyclones or unique specifications that domestic or global customers can design, run simulations on, build, and own.”

Heumann Environmental says HECyclone is the first of a suite of software services for companies to use. The company did not immediately say how many jobs were created along with the new subsidiary.