Indiana University has hired McGraw-Hill Education to provide design and support services for more than 100 online degree and certificate programs. IU Online Instructional Design and Development Manager Matthew Gunkel says the agreement will allow the school to “push the envelope” with the technology and content. Editor's note – The original posting referred to CTB/McGraw Hill LLC. The copy has been revised to show the company involved in this contract is McGraw-Hill Education.

October 7, 2013

News Release

Bloomington, Ind. — Indiana University has announced a contract with McGraw-Hill Education to provide services that support course design and development for IU Online. The initiative offers more than 100 online Indiana University degree and certificate programs to learners all over the world.

The agreement is a result of the university's in-depth Request for Proposal process. The staff of McGraw-Hill Education, a digital learning company with over 100 years of educational expertise, will work closely with the University Information Technology Services Online Instructional Design and Development (OIDD) unit to provide services that support faculty and course development for IU Online.

“McGraw-Hill Education is a true innovator in the field of adaptive learning, and a company with a track record of partnering with institutions to help them achieve their goals through services, content and course development,” said Anastasia Morrone, IU associate vice president for learning technologies. “Working closely with IU's campus centers for teaching and learning, the OIDD team will explore ways to leverage McGraw-Hill Education's services to enhance IU's online offerings.”

OIDD assists faculty, departments and schools in the development of high-quality online courses, degrees and certificates. These efforts are furthered through partnership with the campus centers for teaching and learning, the libraries, the IU Office of Online Education and campus academic leadership.

“Our new agreement will help us build targeted courses in a timely manner – and push the envelope with regard to the types of technology and the quality of content that can be delivered,” said Matthew Gunkel, OIDD manager.

McGraw-Hill Education representatives are excited by the possibilities, as well. “Indiana University has long been at the forefront of strategically bringing together education and technology to improve teaching and learning,” said Nik Osborne, vice president at McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “From its cutting-edge and cost-saving eTexts initiative to the IU Online program, IU puts students' needs first in innovative and high-tech ways.”

Gunkel said IU plans to be strategic in deciding which courses to develop with McGraw-Hill Education, and to maintain all content and delivery rights. “IU is going for a collaborative, deeper-level working relationship here, in support of the work of IU faculty, staff and centers,” noted Gunkel.

Source: Indiana University

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