IPFW is rebranding its athletic program. Director of Athletics Kelley Hartley Hutton says the transition from "IPFW Mastodons" to "Fort Wayne Mastodons" will address consistency and confusion issues with the current brand. The school says its academic brand will remain the same.

The move dates back to 2012, when the Summit League Council of Presidents outlined a plan to promote metropolitan campuses with their geographic names. The goal was to build local identification and visibility for colleges and their communities. a 2015 Asher Agency study also recommended using Fort Wayne as the brand name for the athletic department.

Hartley Hutton says some teams have already begun using Fort Wayne on uniforms, while others will transition over time. The Summit League office and league members are also using the Fort Wayne brand in schedules, rankings and broadcasts. She says the rebranding will align IPFW with the Summit League’s other members and help grow the Mastodons’ brand beyond northeast Indiana.

Hartley Hutton believes the move will benefit the school as a whole.