(image courtesy of Intelinair)

Indianapolis-based automated crop intelligence company Intelinair is launching AGMRI Enterprise, a service that provides an aggregated view of what is happening in customer fields with regularly scheduled flights throughout the season. Intelinair says the platform provides retailers an overall view of what is happening within a certain geographic area using satellite and aerial imagery.

“Through AGMRI Enterprise, we are honing in on real-time alerts to save retailers time, but also provide them the confidence they need in making recommendations to their customers,” said Kevin Krieg, director of product marketing for Intelinair. “Our retail customers will be able to elevate their management recommendations with a clear understanding of what is happening in individual fields, earlier than ever before, and gain aggregate insights for their region throughout the growing season.”

AGMRI Enterprise, which is available via webapp and iPhone app, includes a dashboard and virtual scout. Intelinair says the dashboard provides quick access to what is happening in all customer fields, as well as views for weed pressure, emergence, yield risk and nutrient deficiency, while the virtual scout offers a bird’s-eye view.

“We provide the ability for retailers to know big-picture what is happening in a field and then narrow down specific locations within that field to scout if an area raises an alert through a flight,” said Krieg. “It’s the ‘trust but verify’ situation. Retailers are the agronomy experts; we are giving them a tool to increase their ability to detect issues and provide direct communication to their customers about what they are seeing or not seeing within a field.”

Intelinair says satellite imagery is offered in the U.S. and Canada, and aerial imagery is offered in select counties in Illinois and Indiana. The company plans to expand the platform for future growing seasons.