Indy’s near east side is getting a boost.  Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has named Rivoli Park as the city’s Neighborhood of the Month for October and officials say it will see investment from Lift Indy in affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, private investment and more.

Rivoli Park is set to keep improving over the next few years, as the John H. Boner Center and supporting organizations have been named the third Lift Indy neighborhood. The Lift Indy designation is set to spur the area’s revitalization forward by targeting federal grants funds into one strategic movement designed to boost market potential.

The area will join Monon16 and the Old Southside as the three Lift neighborhoods. To select the Lift Indy areas, the city used data provided by the Reinvestment Fund and DMD’s Long Range Planning Division to find a neighborhood that would benefit from a multi-year commitment of funding. The support also aims to drive market activity and further neighborhood investment.

“The Lift Indy investment into Rivoli Park will help sustain the historic nature of this community and bring much needed future development to be enjoyed by current and future neighbors,” said Vice President Zach Adamson. “I want to thank Mayor Hogsett for the acknowledgment and thank the neighbors of Rivoli Park for their continued support to make this community an ideal place to live, work and play.”

In addition to the Lift Indy funding, the Lilly Endowment says it will also be investing in the area, including funding for the revitalization of the historic Rivoli Theatre.