Denise Jenkins-Agurs and Jeff Brown

IndyGo has promoted Denise Jenkins-Agurs to chief people officer. She most recently served as vice president of diversity/inclusion and workforce development. Also, Jeff Brown has been promoted to chief policy and labor relations officer. He most recently served as vice president of human resources.

“We believe by restructuring the agency through merging several departments, current and future IndyGo team members will receive an even more enhanced experience that will more effectively meet employee needs at every level,” IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans said.  

In this capacity, Jenkins-Agurs will oversee a newly created Department of People and Teammate Experience, which constitutes a merger of both Human Resources and Diversity/Inclusion and Workforce Development. Under this new organizational structure, there are three primary areas in the Department of People and Teammate Experience, including Diversity and Inclusion, Teammate Development (formerly Workforce Development) and Teammate Management (formerly the Human Resources Department).

Brown will now manage all aspects of labor relations activities and will play an essential role in advancing the internal and external policy objectives of IndyGo. The chief policy and labor relations officer has two primary functions. Brown will serve as the primary labor advisor to the agency’s CEO and management team, in addition to serving as liaison to the ATU Local 1070 and other collective bargaining units associated with construction-related projects. He will also manage new policy initiatives, developing and coordinating IndyGo-wide policy administration and providing guidance for legal and compliance matters.

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